The idea of creating an old school soul revue was born in Italy at the Porretta Soul Festival. In 2015 we had the honor of being asked to be the house band at the 28th edition of this legendary festival. What this meant was writing charts for 60 tunes, learning the material to back most of the singers, and then after a brief rehearsal, hitting the stage with our A game! The task was immense, but the band rose to the occasion and we were asked to return in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Now we’re the festival house band. The experience was inspirational and empowering, and the result is the Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra.

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AFTER A WHILE, by Wee Willie Walker and The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra, is an album of great music, plain and simple. Great music! This is a stand alone CD, with no peers. If comparisons must be made, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding might come to mind. The eight originals on this album are fresh, as are the five covers. AFTER A WHILE debuts Wee Willie Walker’s talents as a co-writer, and co-producer. The honest collaboration between Walker and Paule gives listeners a musical feast for the heart and soul.

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Wee Willie Walker & The APSO

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November 16, 2019, Wee Willie Walker and The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra finished recording fourteen songs intended for their next CD release. “I’M JUST LIKE YOU” was song number fourteen. Joined by the awe-inspiring Sons of The Soul Revivers, the session turned into a rousing jubilee, and the finale was ridiculously badass and bittersweet. Little did the musicians, and singers know how timely the message of “I’M JUST LIKE YOU” would be, or that it was to be the very last recording of Wee Willie Walker. Three days after recording “I’M JUST LIKE YOU”, November 19, 2019, Willie passed away in his sleep. Although the release date for the recording in it’s entirety is yet to be determined, The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra, decided to release “I’M JUST LIKE YOU” now. So here it is!

Willie was introduced to The Sons Of The Soul Revivers in 2018 at The Fountain Blues Festival, San Jose, CA. The second he heard the group, Willie’s eyes lit up like a little kid on Christmas morning! Their signature style of quartet gospel singing took him back to the days of his youth, when he sang with The Redemption Harmonizers. Inviting The Sons to join Willie on the recording of “I’M JUST LIKE YOU”, was the only thing to do. What a performance!


Wee Willie Walker & The APSO

Featuring The Sons Of The Soul Revivers

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